This site was designed by Doris Haver Rouse as a means of sharing biblical insights and encouragement for Christ-like followers. It includes information about a series of Reflections books that combine poetry and scripture with picturesque photos for prayer and reflection.

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Persevering in Troubled Times

Pain and suffering are an inevitable part of our earthly lives. How we respond to these trials determines the effectiveness of our witness for Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

Strength through Joy

Renewed joy and strength can only come from the power of the Holy Spirit that comes to live within us at the time of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed

When our world spins out of control, we are tempted to wring our hands in fear or lapse into denial and complacency. Neither is productive when facing life’s negative realities.

Hope of Christmas

We exercise and strengthen our faith when we choose faith and trust over fear and doubt. As you listen to Christmas music, may you be encouraged, your faith strengthened, and your hopes renewed.

Peace at What Price

A united belief and trust in God and the principles of the Bible have been the thread that united us as a nation for many years. To compromise our values and principles in an effort to achieve unity translates to the selling of our souls for a superficial peace.

Praying God’s Will

As we prepare to vote in the upcoming election, we need to exercise faith and pray in submission and obedience, trusting that God knows best what will further His plan and purpose for our lives.

God’s Sovereignty

The desire to control and be independent is a natural one, and fear magnifies that urge to control—or at least to try. It is as we acknowledge our lack of control and trust Him that we find intimacy with our heavenly Father who is sovereign and always in control.