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This site was designed by Doris Haver Rouse as a means of sharing biblical insights and encouragement for Christ-like followers. It includes information about a series of Reflections books that combine poetry and scripture with picturesque photos for prayer and reflection.

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When Prayers Seem Unanswered

Our natural response to something painful or tragic is often, “Why, God?” Acceptance of our circumstances, especially when it seems our prayers are unanswered, requires faith and trust.

Knowing God

Knowing God as a loving, faithful Father and Guardian of our soul is a lifelong challenge. Begin seeking Him today.

New Beginnings: Keeping a Spiritual Journal

Learning to listen to God is not achieved by occasional encounters in prayer or by rushing through a set of verses each day with no real thought or meditation. It is through prayerfully meditating on scripture that we learn to recognize that voice.

Room for Him

Traditions and other activities, while good, have taken priority over worship and reflecting on the One for whom this celebration originated. Unless we take steps to prioritize and discipline ourselves, we will miss the wonder and beauty of it all.

Keeping Thanksgiving

When all appears well, we may feel more thankful, but even then, we tend to take our blessings for granted. Habakkuk 3:17-19 reminds us of God’s provision when we choose to be thankful, even in painful or costly circumstances.

Faith Thrives When Hope Dies

Throughout the Bible are promises that cover every conceivable situation in life, and it is in claiming and trusting these promises that we discover stronger faith amid loss and tragedy.

Fill My Cup

In a culture that worships performance and honors activity, we are busier now than ever. Don’t forget to take the time to fill your cup with more of His truth, light, and love.

Gain Through Loss

Letting go is often our greatest challenge, and only through coming to terms with our loss will we see more of Christ and His purposes.