Prayer and Reflections

Peace at What Price

He is our peace...
-Ephesians 2:14

Bold promises are being made by politicians to bring peace and unity to our nation if we will but give them the power to do so. There is little doubt that division has grown in recent years, and the reality that a "kingdom divided cannot stand" is of grave concern. But is the peace that these politicians promise really worth the price? For Christ-followers, the reality is that true peace on earth will never be realized until Jesus returns.

Unity of purpose and direction was a vital part of America's formation, with faith in God being the common denominator for the Constitution and other principles on which our nation was built. A united belief and trust in God and the principles of the Bible have been the thread that united us as a nation for many years. But in recent years, efforts to eliminate God and His principles and values in the public arena have created the division we now face. Our heritage is being attacked, and conformity is the cornerstone of those who promise unity, peace, and harmonious living by other means. 

Christ-followers are compelled to ask if this is really what we desire. Are peace and unity worth the cost of our freedom to express and practice what we believe to be God-ordained? The division that has arisen is the result of conflict between biblical and worldly values. To compromise our values and principles in an effort to achieve unity translates to the selling of our souls for a superficial peace.

Jesus warned that as Christians we would face opposition and potential persecution if we followed His lead and teachings. While He came to bring peace to the earth by salvation through Him, He plainly stated, “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 19:34) He knew that conflict and division would be inevitable by-products of the war between truth and light with sin and darkness.

NO politician, preacher, or any other human can usher in true peace—that is the role of Jesus Christ. Inner peace is possible only through faith and trust in Him, and external peace will be accomplished only after His return! Taking a stand against false promises is a necessary part of discipleship, and despite division, unifies and strengthens the body of Christ. Seek His peace and pray for unity through Him, while responding to the conflict and division as He commands—in love and not in compromise. 

From Reflections of His Peace: Tranquility in Troubled Times 

It is peace our Savior offers 
As we come to Him in prayer 
And focus on His awesome power
Find His greater purposes there.
It is peace that fills our hearts each day,
Joy that floods our soul,
As we seek Him mind and heart and will,
Surrender to His sovereign control.
It is His peace we need each day,
To face a world deeply mired in sin,
And yielding to His Spirit’s lead Know supernatural peace within.

“Let the peace of God rule in your hearts to which you were called in one body; and be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15)

Earthly concerns distract us, Lord,
And draw us from Your peace,
And it is only as we come in prayer
Our fears and doubts will cease.
For it is in these quiet moments
When we release our cares to You,
We find Your all-sufficient grace
And Your promised Word as true.
For as our hearts are focused
On Your power, love, and grace,
We find supernatural strength and peace
For whatever trial we face.

© 2016, Doris Haver Rouse (used with permission)

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