Prayer and Reflections


The purpose of the Prayer and Reflections series is to encourage others in their faith walk and growth in their relationship with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The underlying theme of each book is to encourage believers to see prayer as the key to spiritual growth and to use the related Scriptures and poetic expressions as a resource during times of prayer and meditations.  The following are suggested selections for an individual's varying needs. A full listing of books is available here.
Reflections of Hope and Comfort
To encourage someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one
Reflections of His Peace
To encourage someone who is anxious or worried
Reflections on FAITH
To encourage someone who is fearful or needs increased faith in a particular situation
To encourage someone who is facing cancer or other life-threatening illnesses
Reflections on America
To encourage someone who is concerned about America and its future as a nation
More Reflections
For anyone who needs a reminder of God's presence in the midst of pain and suffering
Reflections of His Grace
For anyone who needs to know and understand the life-changing grace of God
Reflections of GRATITUDE and Praise
For anyone who needs motivation for praise and worship
Reflections of Christmas
For anyone who wants to share the real message of the Christmas season
Reflections on Trust
To encourage someone who is experiencing major life changes
Morning Meditations
For someone who needs a quick start for their morning devotions
Reflections of God's Love
To encourage someone who needs to be reminded of the  awesome love of God
Reflections of God's Faithfulness
To encourage someone who needs greater security through reminders of God's faithfulness
Reflections on Prayer
To encourage someone who wants to grow in intimacy with God
Reflections on the overcoming life
For anyone facing a crisis or insurmountable obstacle
Reflections on Praise and Worship
For anyone who needs uplifting
Reflections of His Joy
To encourage someone who needs to be reminded that joy supersedes happiness
Reflections of His Majesty
For anyone who needs an increased awareness of God's strength and power
Reflections on His Spirit
For anyone who wants to understand more about the power and work of the Holy Spirit