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True Freedom

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
- John 8:32

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence and a major election this fall, truth is a big issue. This verse is often used to define one’s reality or ideology, but a closer look at Jesus reveals this was not the truth of which He spoke.

Past slavery issues have been a major focus in our nation recently. But Jesus spoke of another kind of slavery that has existed from the beginning of time—slavery to sin. The truth of which He spoke has to do with the freedom from sin that is found by faith and trust in Him and His shed blood on Calvary as payment for all our sin. Although faith in Him does not lead to perfect lives, He has absolved those sins and seeks to grow us in holiness by the power of His Spirit within us.

According to the Bible, the penalty for sin is death—a spiritual death that separates us from God forever. Jesus removed that penalty on Calvary’s cross for all who would look to Him and receive His gift of mercy and grace—and thus, freedom. The Pharisees, of Jesus’ day, made adherence to a multitude of laws and traditions as the way to eradicate sin, creating bondage to sin rather than freedom from it. While outwardly they may have appeared ‘righteous’, a host of attitudinal sins were left unaddressed.

Today’s culture has attempted to eradicate sin through denial or by trying to control it with legislation. Neither are sufficient to free us from our sinful nature and guilt and shame, giving us everlasting peace, joy and hope! If you already have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ but struggle with guilt or shame, I pray you will claim the freedom He has provided as a gift from God and serve Him out of gratitude and praise each day. If you do not have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, I pray you would follow the steps noted on this website and discover true freedom today.

From Reflections for America

“He rules by His power forever; His eyes observe the nations; Do not let the rebellious exalt themselves.” (Psalm 66:7)

O’ God, our heavenly Father,
Help our nation, America, to see---
It is You who gave us power and fame
Blessed us with hope and prosperity.

You have made our freedom possible
Through the blood of Your own Son,
And by His death and resurrection
The victory over evil won.

You gave us strength and wisdom
Enabling us to enjoy the reward
Of living under grace and love,
By trusting You as Master and Lord.

But we have turned in rebellion,
Sought our self-sufficient, idolatrous ways,
And in so doing lost our direction,
Failed to honor You in worship and praise.

And thus our need to humbly come,
To confess our pride and sin,
And seek with all our minds and hearts
Your deliverance from within.

 © 2016, Doris Haver Rouse

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