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Victory Through Praise

Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds...and rejoice before Him.
- Psalm 68:4

It is easier to praise God when things are going well, but by nature, we tend to whine, complain or exhibit a victim mentality when things are not going exactly as we hoped or planned. It is in those times that we need most to remember in Whom the source of our hope is and choose to praise Him despite our circumstances or feelings. That is the essence of faith!

Throughout the Psalms we find the importance of praise and worship even in the midst of difficult times. David declared, “I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.” (Psalm 13:6) It is in this act of trust and faith that we often find the key to overcoming despair or an attitude of defeat. It’s hard to sing praises to God and stay "down".

Recently I felt heavy-hearted and deeply burdened due to the problems in our nation, the uncertainty of the times and concerns for family and friends who were battling serious health problems. Although I had prayed and expressed trust in God’s ultimate control, it was hard to shake the underlying weight of concern. While watching some favorite gospel groups on a YouTube video, I began singing along. I soon found tears running down my face and a sense of relief and renewed hope. I knew that all was well because God, my Father, was indeed in control. 

How we feel is often determined by what we think. Singing praises to God reminds us of how good He has been to us and how grateful we are for His mercy, love and grace. When tempted to despair, try singing some hymns or praise songs and discover renewed joy and a change in mood and heart!

From Reflections of Gratitude and Praise: Giving Thanks!

As clouds hover high above the earth,
At times dark in the midst of a storm
I'm reminded of God's promised care
When life takes a turn from the norm.

For He who is greater than all evil,
Sends encouragement and strength as I pray,
As I give thanks and praise to His holy name,
Trust His hand of protection and obey.

For nothing I may face on earth,
Is beyond His power to overcome,
And it is through acts of praise and worship,
To doubt and despair I will not succumb.

And as I choose to praise Him,
In the midst of the darkness I face,
I discover His awesome deliverance
As once again I am saved by His grace!
© 2017, Doris Haver Rouse

2 thoughts on “Victory Through Praise

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      This has been a roller coaster ride. I have had a peace about all of this since the beginning. But some days have been heavy and hard. Music is a wonderful way to turn your day around. Wonderful post!

      • Author gravatar

        Thanks Beth for your thoughts and feedback! Staying focused on God’s ultimate control and worshipping Him in whatever we face seems to be the key to remaining sane in these turbulent times!

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